Montessori Activities that Help People with Dementia

As people age, their ability to perform daily care and normal functions also diminish. That is why you can often see elderly people in Australia like in Mill Park and Epping, for instance, that need assistance in feeding, cooking and even cleaning themselves. People with dementia may have forgotten how to perform these tasks due to age-related reasons and providing them with the means to relearn these skills that were once a routine has become a challenge. Good thing there are services for aged care Mill Park care facilities offer nowadays to help your elderly loved ones spend their old age with ease.

It is now time for a role-reversal. If your loved ones are suffering from dementia, knowing these Montessori activities may help them relearn basic skills, the way they have helped you when you were still a struggling child.

Montessori Approach

Montessori-based expert Ms. Sue Mark believes that people living with dementia may have a lot of untapped potentials. Using Montessori approach may help these people relearn the skills that they have otherwise forgotten. When you look for a facility that offers aged care Mill Park has today, make sure to choose a care home that also caters to people with dementia. This way you are certain that your loved ones receive appropriate care. For more information, visit us at Aarcare.

A tried and tested trick when it comes to dementia care is to keep the elderly busy with meaningful and purposeful activities. Below are Montessori activities that may help your loved ones living with dementia:

1. Matching Shapes. This activity will draw the attention of your elderly loved ones because of the colourful shapes. It may seem like a game but matching the shapes will help them feel organized. Not only that, it is one great tool to learn about their cognitive skills. This is also a great way for providers of aged care Mill Park offers today to establish rapport with your aging loved ones.

2. Matching Colours. Matching colours is an activity that is beneficial to people with dementia. If you live within Epping, you may want to look for facilities that offer nursing care Epping has today that utilizes Montessori approach when caring for your loved ones. This activity stimulates their senses as well as their eye and hand coordination.

3. Picture Puzzle. When you have loved ones living with dementia, you don’t want them to feel isolated as much as possible. Solving a picture puzzle is a good way for them to interact with other people in the community. There are facilities that offer respite care Epping has today where they can connect with other residents and have meaningful activities together.

However, as much as you want to keep your loved ones happy, there are situations that you cannot control. When this is the case, it is best to choose specially trained providers of palliative care Epping care homes have today to ensure that your loved ones are properly cared for during their final moments. You want to make them happy and peaceful as they transition to the next phase of their lives.

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