Euthanizing Your Pet: Why You Shouldn’t Worry If It’s Ethical

Pets, in general, have been considered as “family” by their masters in the recent years. Owners have even been surveyed to spend six figures on treating pet cancer. This is also why services in putting a dog down Melbourne are increasing. Surprisingly, contrary to the popular notion, to families before, they were just merely companions. If you’re worrying if euthanizing your dog is ethical, then maybe you should slow down on the guilt trip. Here’s why:

Now and then

To further elaborate the change in the relationship between pets and humans, let’s look at how some pets were treated in the 30-40 years ago and how they are treated now. When families went away for vacations in the 1960s, it was considered necessary to send a pet to the shelters to euthanize it, to save money. Now, owners were surveyed and it was found that more than 90% of them see their pets as family members. This drastic change of human’s treatments to pets is what makes it so hard to commence with putting down a pet. Owners are torn between the guilt of taking away a life and putting an end to its suffering.

Why should owners slow down on feeling so bad in euthanizing their pet?

Advancement of veterinary medicine and ethics = Lesser worrying.

From therapy to painless procedures, veterinary medicine has grown, as a result of humans wanting to prolong their pet’s life. Veterinary practices are also in demand. In some schools, veterinarians and oncologists even team up to provide programs for applying human therapeutic modalities to pets with cancer. There are also therapists who can help pet owners cope with their grief. Check Paws Forever for more details.

There are even companies that specialize in putting a dog down in Melbourne, such as Paws Forever. Some of the services of putting a dog down Melbourne has these days may include group burials, cremation, and home euthanasia services. Meanwhile, in Melbourne putting a dog down may also mean opting for palliative care.

In a way, you can say that the rise of aged/diseased pet care should lessen your worry in terms of your pet getting the best of services in their last breath. However, from another perspective, you could also say that for some cases, this could inflate the unnecessary act of prolonging the suffering of pets, which is selfish. How could you avoid the latter?

How to come to the terms with putting your pet down

There are some ideas and tricks on how to minimise the blow of losing a pet or loosen your tight grip of your pet. Believe it or not, it starts as early as when you first had them. Enlist their hobbies such as playing with their favorite ball or eating their favorite treat. Keep it until they get a serious illness. When the time comes, retrieve the list and review it. If they don’t find those hobbies as fun as they used to, then it’s easier for you to accept that they might be a candidate for euthanasia. It also helps to remember that they don’t possess the linguistic abilities to remember memories and think of the future, so they only remember the “now”.

To find putting a dog down Melbourne has these days, you may visit With the help of advanced and painless “end of life” care performed by trained professionals, your pets can leave with a happy memory, in your hands.

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